25 November 2015

As if ISIS, Asad, mustard gas, executions, and constant warfare were not enough, this upcoming horror movie does the impossible and makes situations around Israel worse. What's worse than homicidal terrorist organizations and self harming government leaders, you ask? How about unleashing the devil and all of his playthings into the city of Jerusalem in a judgment day apocalypse...

The Paz brothers do just this in their upcoming movie, JeruZalem, and anyone who likes giant creatures, devils, possession or creatures in general should really look out for this flick - it has got it all! Can't wait for this little treat after Christmas.

Here is the plot synopsis put out so far:

“Two American girls on vacation follow a mysterious anthropology student on a trip to Jerusalem. The party is cut short when the trio is caught in the middle of a biblical apocalypse. Trapped between the ancient walls of the holy city, they must find a way out as the fury of hell is unleashed upon them.”

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