13 November 2015

Yes! My favorite horror genre finally gets a stellar addition. In a year where creature features have been pretty rare occurrences, The Hallow finally deliverers in my time of need. 

There is not much to dislike about this film. The opening scene lends a beautiful sampling for what will be a gorgeously shot movie. Golden rays of light shine through a moss covered forest, creating a fairy tale-like, creepy aura. Each scene following is shot in a similar meticulous fashion; there is not a single frame within this movie that is undeserving of a screenshot. Light and darkness plays a polar thematic within this film, and it is visually appealing to witness the tangible, purposeful layering of these elements within every shot (there is a flaming scythe at one point, for God's sake). 

The acting is good. Adam Hitchens and Bojana Novakovic play a couple that has recently become parents. Here stems a great deal of the horror. The two have to combat their terrifying ordeal all the while juggling a baby between them. Parental sentiment comes through the screen very palpably as their baby's safety becomes ever more compromised with every passing second. 

And then there's the monsters. In this day and age, it is simply not enough to just make a scary creature. There has to be something more, something original. The fairies, demons, elves (I still don't know what they are) are entirely set apart in this movie. These are monsters with a purpose, monsters which are visually unsettling, and monsters which have more than a couple tricks up their sleeves. I was particularly excited to see that the director relied mostly on practical effects for the fiends. The makeup is done extraordinarily well; these things are freaking creepy looking. 

The ending of this movie was paradoxical for me, and not because it is not well done. My ambiguous sentiment stemmed from the fact that this movie has nearly an hour of pure terror. For horror movies, this is not an easy task to achieve. And as an audience member, it is hard to sit through, and in a good way. I was relieved as the credits rolled, but I also could have sat through another hour of this ungodly terror. This is my favorite creature feature of 2015, and it is one of my favorites of the year on top of that. Creature feature hounds, go fall in love with this movie!!! 


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