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How the vibrator was invented

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How to create your own vibrator

Why girls use vibrator

How to organize a wedding on the beach: tips and advice
In the times in which we live, couples who decide to formalize their relationship and take the step of marriage have many ways to do so to be original, unforgettable, unrepeatable and a wonderful memory for life.
The wedding is a very special moment for the couple, and the ceremony can not be planned in a while or done in any way, as it is a memory that will remain in the minds of the two members of the relationship forever. For this reason, it is good to sit down and analyze the amount of possibilities that the couple has to face the marriage since they can bet on a civil wedding, a religious wedding, marry in church, parish, courthouse, halls, field or beach, among others. .

A wedding on the beach is perfect for summer and if you want an intimate ceremony with few guests
A few decades ago there was only the option of getting married in a church, cathedral or parish if it was a religious wedding, or in a court if the wedding was civil. However, little by little a wide range of possibilities has opened up that many are unaware of and which are very original. One of those options is to celebrate the wedding on the beach, something unthinkable several years ago and now has become a fashion that many couples resort to as it goes out of the traditional and has a modern and innovative touches.
This article is for all those couples who are thinking about celebrating their wedding on the beach. Below we will detail a series of ideas, tips and keys to make the ceremony unforgettable and the wedding a perfect party.
How to organize a wedding on the beach? Place The first thing to do is look for a small beach or cove to carry out the wedding ceremony. It is advisable to select a scenario of small size because you have to ask the town hall for permission and the fewer people who frequent the beach, the easier it will be to obtain the permit.
It is advisable to select a small beach, since you have to ask permission from the town hall
When selecting a beach, it is convenient to choose one that is very far from the home, since it is necessary to expect that the guests who attend the wedding and subsequent celebration should go to the place that the bride and groom decide.
Decoration and invitations
You have to take care of all the details when preparing a wedding and if the event is going to take place on the beach it is best to adjust the decoration and the invitations with themes and elements that have to do with the sea. The decoration chosen for the beach should be simple, with elements such as starfish or coral and with the presence of striking colors since the contrast with the white sand gives a very wonderful and very beautiful image to the event.
Weddings on the beach should not be in the morning unless it occurs outside the summer months, since in the afternoon the place will be clearer, the temperature will be much more pleasant for the guests and it is the most beautiful moment of the day .
Clothing for the wedding
Celebrating marriage on a beach requires a special dress that moves away from any type of wedding held in the big city, either in a court or in a church, since you have to bet on more comfortable clothes. The bride must choose a dress more simple, languid with a romantic style and away from everything that represents formality and everything pompous. This design is much more practical for the environment and style of the wedding.
The dress for a beach wedding should be much more informal
The most common color for most of the decorative elements as well as for the clothes of the bride and groom is the white one but you can also bet on the yellow or blue tones, which go very well with the surroundings.
At the time of betting to formalize the marriage on the beach you have to make a list of guests of reduced size, because if what you are looking for is a wedding in style with many guests it is better to forget this option, as the space is not It will be very broad, everyone has to move and many people will fail at the last minute. The best bet is to invite family and friends who are in the circle of trust and help them find transportation and accommodation. It is a more intimate ceremony but very intense by the elements of the environment.
As for the banquet, we can bet on a buffet instead of a copious and traditional meal
Wedding party
The subject of the food is another one that is necessary to analyze since it is not advisable to offer to the guests great amounts of food as it happens in many ceremonies that are celebrated in salons or restaurants specialized in this type of services.
A buffet, so that the guests decide the amount they want to eat, a selection of cold dishes or a light menu is the most appropriate for this type of wedding. In addition, you should accompany the food with cocktails or juices, which feel better and are more consistent with the environment than red wine or beer.

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